Saturday, August 16, 2008


Malaysia and Singapore finally will have a slot in the Olympic medal tally! Lee Chong Wei fighting for the 1st gold for Malaysia in badminton at 6.30pm, while table tennis team Singapore batting for the 1st gold for Singapore. 17th August. PM Lee will have only 75min to hold the audience's attention, in his annual National Day Rally speech, before the table tennis women is due to start at 7.30pm. What a busy evening it's going to be tomorrow. Switching between channels.


pretzel said...

juz read from today's papers that the speech will be postponed. :)
Hmm... can the TV do the split screen thingy can watch both matches at the same time? :P

Iml said...

It's silver! for both M'sia and S'pore. Was really frustrating to see how hard the players in both games had to fought for each and every point and then, lost.