Saturday, August 02, 2008

Round and round

He simply loves books. Not to read but to have. Giving an excuse that he will read one day. He browse and buy on whims and fancies. Besides, he spent most of his lunch time at Kinokuniya bookstore. . Wife is exasperated. The bookshelves are busting. Something has to go. Quietly while he is at work, she packs off books for any church charity sales. Gives it away to visiting friends and relatives who take interest in any books. While he comes home now and then, with new books. Quietly slot them into any available space on the bookshelves.


seefei said...

the compulsive possesive syndrome hah? book lovers buy books to be given away, photography buffs buy lens that sit idle in the dry cabinet.

i recommended one book for your friend - home of book lovers *roughly the title* showing interior decor of book lovers in europe with big houses

Iml said...

Hmmm.....another book to his collection?

doc said...

hmm...sounds like me. i usually buy when there is a sale & then i keep them for months.

except that i actually read them in the end, even if months later.