Friday, October 05, 2007

Charming coral

My daughter,charming coral born in the year of the oxen. Never wanted the pacifer since day one though papa tried very hard to tempt her. Partially breastfed for the 1st year of her life. Especially during the night feed. Too tired. A stroller baby as brother and sister would stroll her around the house when my hands were full. Spent most of the time in the kitchen playing with all the spice bottles, pot and pans with the kitchen cabinet wide open till the bottle of sugar spilt.
Spend her toddler evening sitting on the high chair at the study table together with the other two older siblings. Mum had to supervise. Slowly makes her way up stairs when mum's voice starts to raise. Cue to go to bed before mum gives her the glare. Her most unusual habit, keeping anything interesting under her pillow. Sister's hair pin, coins, small toys, brother's story book, stickers and such.
At five, screaming and crying, as she dash out of the ballet studio on the first day of lesson. Cried even louder when the wicked mum held her firmly, took her back to class. Yes, one dad commented that I should not have done that. Today she looks forward to her ballet lessons every week. Eagerly awaiting her second concert performance comes december 19th at the Victoria concert hall.
Reading at 4. She woud pick a picture book, looks at the illustration and give her account. Flipping the page once awhile. Just trying to be like the rest of us, who happens to be ardent readers. Baby see baby do.
An indispensible helper in the kitchen. Enjoy cutting french beans. long beans and celery. Doesn't matter how it looks as long as it's edible really, with a butter knife. Spent bubbly hours in the bathroom scrubbing her school shoes with the kitchen washing up liquid. Gentle on the hands. Always remembers to surprise brother, sister, mum and dad with a birthday present. A bar of chocolate at the very least when her little piggy bank is nearing E.
She is a gem to us.
Today she is 10


stay-at-home mum said...

Happy Birthday to your little coral. I am sure she is the gem of the family, being the youngest. Is she the one on the right?

Iml said...

Spot on.