Saturday, April 12, 2008

Midnight bloom

Only at midnight does it open in full bloom. Flower of the night, epiphyllum strictum. Somehow, I have yet to see it in all it's glorious bloom. Even in the dead of the night, there is still beauty to feast the eyes of the nocturnal creatures.


stay-at-home mum said...

Did not even know such a flower existed. Thanks for sharing.

doc said...

were you a biology teacher?

Iml said...

Most welcome!!!

Wish I was.

cbenc12 said...

in my old house, we used to have this plant, which my parents called it 'lucky' plant.
it rarely has flower and only open at night. de night it opens, my parents would bring in the pot into our living room and waited for it to open the flower which around midnight.
i was in primary school back then and struggled to keep my eyes open so i could see the 'lucky flower' blooms.. =)
but we have moved house when i was in form 1 and i dont know what happen to the plant..
it brings a lot of memory to me reading ur post. i almost forgotten all about the "lucky" flower!