Friday, April 18, 2008


Did not find the durian spread chen blogged about but found this on the shelves of Cold Storage at the Curve, KL. Marmite breadstick. What next would I find on the shelves? Hmmm.....


stay-at-home mum said...

How does it taste?

never really tried marmite or bovril. Never really appealed to me, coz I have this preconceived notion that they contain loads of msg and artificial flavourings.

Chev said...

Might be u can look out for the durian spread in Singapore then, since it is produced in Singapore.

How's the Marmite breadstick? Nice?

cbenc12 said...

izzit good?
i once had garlic one from Meiji, bought at jusco..damn good!

fibrate said...

Oooh, Marmite breadsticks....I'm making my way to Cold Storage soon! :)

Iml said...

My husband did not liked it at all. Breadstick is very dry and a slight bitter taste of the marmite.

Had a good look at the pix. Saw the price tag, Shop n save supermarket. I know where to get it now :)

Hi! Thank you for dropping by. Not my kind of breadstick. Too dry.

Try a small packet first :)