Saturday, April 15, 2006


Why I can't sleep? Looking forward to tomorrow. Why? Because I have spent today, preparing for tomorrow.
Yesterday is dead and gone.
It died at 12 midnight everyday.
Today starts with every breath I take.
Today I live.
How should I live today?
Today is not for repairing yesterday.
Yesterday is gone.
Nothing I can do to bring it back.
Past accomplishment and mistakes...
All dead at midnight... everyday.
So, for what purpose I am given Today?
Today is for today
If that is true
then, what is there tomorrow?
Today IS
for us to prepare for tomorrow....

by KA Ooi

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Chris said...

We can't tell what tomorrow brings. But one thing is for sure: "Don't spench much time Today on what's happened Yesterday. For Today brings a new Beginning and new Hope." - unknown