Sunday, March 26, 2006


17 years ago on this day I made a vow to stay by my man. The fruit of my labour, 3 adorable children. The skill to arbitrate in the war of words using 2 ears on 3 heated debaters. The ability to soup up a asap dish for my hungry pack of wolves. The receiver of all those hugs and kisses. The lender of an ear to listen to. Most of all I have learnt the ability to forgive and forget. To laugh at my silly self.


agus said...

Aww, this post brings warmth to my heart. Like coffee flowing down my throat and warm creamy chicken soup filling my tummy.

I bet the three debaters are adorable. Hugs*

FH2O said...


Been there and done that! hehe ;)

michie said...

That is so sweet! 17 years of commitment and counting still .. fab!! =)

ryc: will be back again first week of July.. for good though~

IML said...

Agus: After a hard day's work, the xxxxx are a welcoming relief.

FH2o: Yep. I am still a novice. Must ask for your advice sometimes (:

michie: Txs. Still working hard at it.

Robin said...

Indeed, a happy woman's life.

Full of contentment, joy and definitely happiness.

Thanks for sharing them.. Is it you life?

A Fellow Traveler said...

sweet seventeen!

carcar said...

hey congrate for the sweet annivesary ♥

is the 'pink love' done by you? i know u like origami.

IML said...

Robin: Well, given a choice, taking a part-time job would definately be more fulfilling.

Traveller: Ahh..sweet seveteen. Seems so long ago.

Carcar: mine did not look good so I pinched someone's :O

Happysurfer said...

Congratulations! and may you have many, many more.

IML said...

Carcar: I just had to change it. After your question, I feel so Guilty lah. These hearts are done by two coloured drinking straws. Thanks for dropping by.

Happysurfer: Thanks!!!!!

carcar said...

hey pai say leh! don't mean to makes you feel guilty! i love the previous one, and of course this made by straw's! neat!