Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rabbit food

Strolling into the food court walking round and round through all thestalls, always at lost as to what to eat. Especially when on a light, fiber diet. Normally would make a beeline to the popiah stall. Next, on the list, gado gado. An assortment of parboil vegetable of long beans, cabbage, Kankong, bean sprout, tofu, tempeh with thick peanut gravy. At Vivocity food court, I tried the Hakka lei cha stall. After going on brown rice for the last 6 months, I wanted to try this with brown rice. Indeed the toppings of shredded boiled vegetable, with peanut, cubes of tofu, salted ikan bilis goes very well with the brown rice. I like it. A mixture of texture, colour and refreshing sutle taste. The "tea" took me by surprise, had expected green tea, tea but it was more basil and mint flavour than green tea. I was quite happy chomping on the whole bowl with a sip of tea in between chews. One more on the list of rabbit food for me.


stay-at-home mum said...

You are so good. I try, and I try but I am still a carnivore at heart. But am eating more rabbit food nowadays, but usually never at the food court. Will give lei cha a try soon!

Iml said...

It's an acqured taste but you will love it in time. I love my sashimi, porkchop and chicken wings too!! It's trying to be gentle on my tummy. Staying away from those thick layer of oil.

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

I love this dish very much, especially the soup. I go without the ikan bilis and asked for a vegetarian version from this stall.

I had tried the organic version from a organic vegetarian eateries at Fortune Centre, as well as 2 other vegetarian eateries that sell this dish too.