Monday, March 03, 2008

Cruel to be kind

When any of the children is down with a tummy run or diarrhea, a sachet of smecta is quickly mix in lukewarm water and drunk . Then the two day soft diet begins. Very severe, then plain watery porridge with soya sauce is fed every time hunger pang strikes. Porridge with sliver of fish if it's a mild tummy cramp. Under normal circumstances, most time, by day 2, the tummy is back to good working condition. Youngest, who had a mild tummy run on friday evening, decided that she was well enough, though she was still experiencing a very mild tummy ache. I disagreed but gave in. The breakfast on sunday morning, at Hans, bacon and scramble egg was just too delicious to miss esp when she had only porridge the previous day. By mid afternoon her tummy ache got worse. Anxiety started creeping up on her as she is participating in the 200m heats today in school. This morning another satchet of smecta. A lunchbox of warm rice with a sprinkle of japanese condiments and a tamagoyaki. It takes strong will to be cruel in order to be kind.


stay-at-home mum said...

Hey! I use smecta too! but I usually feed them plain toast or watery rice porridge with nothing (not even soya sauce).
yes, we have to be cruel to be kind! I always tell them its for their own good. The faster they recover, the faster they can go back to eating anything they want!

Hope Coral recovers fast!

Iml said...

Looks like you are more cruel than me huh :D Seriously, this diet works. Better this than days of discomfort and pain.

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes! I am the evil one muahahaha! I always said mine was the school of hard knocks!