Wednesday, June 04, 2008


When packing for a weekend trip, it takes great will to pack light. Tops and bottoms for mix n match, lingeries & toiletries. However, along the way, an extra pair of shorts, an old comfy T-shirt, jungle adventure perhaps. A dress with matching shoe and bag for a formal dinner in case. Not forgetting charges for hphone and camera. The basic medication for tummy runs, thermometer, fever medicine when travelling with children. A shawl for comfort. A book to read. A scrap book to write.
Having thought through thoroughly, once, the pyjamas then, undies and another time my cosmetic pouch was forgotten!

Once out of the house, with passport and the ticket and money/credit card, anything forgotten, hopefully, can be bought at destination. However, an acquaintance of mine landed in Hadyai, Thailand without his wallet. Solution, called dad for HELP!!!!
Going for a short trip tomorrow


stay-at-home mum said...

Enjoy your trip!!

fibrate said...

I for one can never travel light! Luggage for clothes/toiletries/shoes, camera bag for my precious gear, and a tote for my carry items. How to fit in the notebook, you tell me? :)

Anyway have a nice trip!

Yan said...

Oop.. must be back by now! Hope you have enjoyed your trip.

Being a business travellers for quite many years. Here are some tips to travel light -

Prepare a list, pack according to the list

Take clothes of one colour-theme, then you do not need to bring two sets of shoes and bags to match

Slot in an elegant "tube" that you can just change from business wear to dinner wear.

Leave all your burdens behind and just enjoy the trip!

Then you can travel light, travel smart, travel professional, travel cool... :)

doc said...

you can NEVER travel light with kids in tow. as far as i know, up till now, no one has proven otherwise.

TZ said...

Enjoy your trip... just wondered how many porter u need to hire to carry all the begs in the picture ... LoL...

Yan said...

Hi, doc, I beg to differ :)

I do washing during the trip - and I really do travel light even with children in tow! Just like I do not need to bring a lot clothes, I do not have to carry a bag full of laundry back home. My luggages are as "clean" and "neat" as how I have started my journey.

Iml said...

Enjoyed but tiring

Agree! If only I had remembered to bring along my camera battery charger And my hair brush!

Thank you for your professional Tips! Will keep this in mind the next time I travel. AND wherever possible, I do washing too.

I understand your predicament. Extra diapers, milk powder, change of clothings, etc.......
I've gone through that stage before.

Porter? You mean, me, myself and I were the porter. Backpack, stroller bag and carrier bag.

doc said...

ah, yan!

you have very disciplined kids!