Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Catch Up

In has been written in the papers and discussed over the radio. School is out and yet many students are going back to school. Some for CCA training. Training for the up coming inter school competition while many many others are going back for remedial classes. Spending more time on subjects and topics not fully comprehend when taught during school hours. While still others,taking this time to enrich themselves. Is this not the many many constructive ways to spent the holidays? Why are parents complaining?
With school occuping most of the time, free time leave most helpless as to how to fill it with activities except in front of the computer and telly or strolling through the mallls.
Acquiring knowledge and then regurgitating it up during exams, these days is no child's play, thanks to parents. It's the kiasu parents who is the culprit in making education tough for many. Sending their children to tuition classes to be one notch ahead of the rest of the cohort.

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stay-at-home mum said...

The schools also stress the kids out coz they want to maintain their ranking amongst all the schools! You should see the timetable they gave to my P6 child. Anyway, i am glad I am not the one doing the stressing!!