Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swing single

Her day starts with a power breakfast, then a visit to the gym. A demanding strenuous 2 hours, it's followed by a hot oil massage. After a quick bite and a drink with her girlfriends, her work begins. A freelance music teacher she travels around the island teaching. Dinner at sister's home. Staying one block away helps. Her weekend and holidays, when not teaching or in the gym, are spent with siblings and their families, relaxing, or shopping or travelling. Life full of zest. Never a dull moment. At 52 still doing her annual marathons. She is the new breed of swing singles. Too busy living life to the fullest to miss out on anything.
I know of 4 others like her. Each very engrossed with their passion, career and each has a close knit family to make them feel the warmth of home.

Being single, a sense of liberation and freedom not many will ever experience.

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