Friday, June 20, 2008

Popsicle day

When the going gets tough, the tough makes popsicles. Youngest simply loves to slurp on popsicle especially on hot muggy days. However, constant reminder of how expensive things are, youngest decided to make her own when we stumble upon the DIY Popsicle tray at Ikea last week. Guava juice, mango juice with nata de coco, lime juice are her favourite but I'm having my kopi Ping!


Chen said...

Used to hv homemade popsicle in the past too (something like 2 decades ago). Gosh, time really flies..

fibrate said...

I used to have those ice-kacang ones as a kid. Gotta head to Ikea soon to get a set :)

Iml said...

No reason not to make popsicle again. With all the juice and yougurt drinks, we are now spoilt for choice of flavours!!

Marmite popsicle?

stay-at-home mum said...

Cant find my popsicle maker. Looks like I have to make a trip to Ikea soon, coz couldnt find it at spotlight when I was last there.

Iml said...

I am sure the children will love this homemade ice lolly.

fibrate said...

Marmite popsicle? Now that's a great idea...but I think my readers are gonna be all grossed out again!