Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mum's best

Prior to departure, she would express, bottled and store as many in the fridge. Sometimes as many as 25 feeds. When supply runs dry, only soy base formula to be fed.
Nothing is wasted. When attending a 10 day confrence somewhere in Europe, she brought along dozens of bottles, styrofoam boxe and The pump. Every so often, she would excuse herself to relieved from the engorgement. The bottle would be put into ice pack until she return to the hotel, where a fridge had been requested to store the bottles. To be used upon her return to baby. A mother of a 6 month old, she believes in the best for her daugther. Been Diligently doing that for her one year for her 2 year -old, 1st born and now again for her 2nd. She should know, for she is an Associate Consultant pediatrician specialising in allergy attached to one of the leading hospital for children in Singapore. My admiration for her dedication.


stay-at-home mum said...

I salute her for that. Not easy doing it even when away for a 10 day conference!!!

seefei said...

the cat shot is very well done!

Iml said...

Agree. I was shocked when I heard what she did.

Err....accolade to my friend. It's his shot! (: