Friday, June 13, 2008


With great anticipation, youngest and I decided to take the public bus from Perdana Damansara to the Central Market at the heart of KL town on Monday. 10.30am we made our way to the bus pole. Literally by the road a pole stuck out with the picture of the bus. As time wears on, youngest got restless,fidgetting within the parameter of the umbrella shade. Soon other commuters join the crowd, few enquired if they had missed the bus. During that time, we began chatting. Mostly grousing on the inefficiency of the public transport system and the cost of petrol. From strangers to acquaintance. All this time while waiting for The Metro Bus No.6. Finally, at 12pm the bus arrived. With the sigh of relieve all boarded the bus, none showing nor voicing disgust, displeasure, not even anger to the nonchalant the bus conductor. Just Relieved.

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