Wednesday, July 02, 2008


It's only practical and logical. Using the energy most of us have in access. Advantages aplenty apart from having cleaner air but also a healthy you. Cycling. Ironically we are still busy debating if foot path should be shared with cyclist in Tampanies area. To co-exist, the pedestrians and cyclist should adhere to some basic courtesy code of conduct and rules. Keeping the cyclists on one side and the pedestrian on the other. More should be done to encourage this mode of transport.


doc said...

with such a good public transport system & so used to the comforts of life eg.air-con office, air-con buses, air-con bedrooms, seeing s'poreans cycling would certainly be a surprise.

hmm...the fuel price is hitting the pockets hard, huh?

Iml said...

It's exactly this comfort that is killing us!! Sedentary Lifestyle.