Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Being happy is about giving thanks to small gestures. At the supermarket check-out counter at Bishan yesterday morning. As I walked, with less than 7 items in the basket, toward the long queue, a lady with a full trolley came round the bend just centimetres a head. She saw my face, all wrinkled at the sight of her trolley, she smiled and insist I stand in front of her. One more trolley makes no different I replied. Touched by her gesture, which is rare in today's society. We started chatting about, but of course, children. In a blink, it was our turn. Had she not offered and behaved obnoxious, nothing would have happened except a long wait.


Las montañas said...

It is indeed nice to know that such caring souls exist in our society.

Iml said...

L Montanas:
Yes, I know. More so now, when every ticking of the seconds means money.