Monday, July 21, 2008


Mummy, an assocciate consultant while daddy, a surgeon. Two daughters aged 2+ and a newborn. Grandma drives over every morning to mind and supervise the live-in maid. Late morning toddler attends a 2 hour kindergarten. Grandma then picks her up, together with baby and maid, it's back to grandma's house for the afternoon. Mummy returns to grandma's home for dinner with family. Children all clean and fed and adorable waiting for mummy and daddy. Weekend outing with grandma when mummy is busy, too tired or on a short weekend getaway. Grandma attends to any fever, sniffs and coughs that might occurs.

Mummy, an accounts officer while daddy, an engineer. Two sons, aged 3+ and a newborn. Dad walks toddler to the childcare while mum hurries baby to nanny's place by 7.00am. Toddler spent the day with others till nanny comes at 5.30pm to pick him up. Mummy hurries to nanny's place by 6.3opm, picks boths toddler and baby. Grab a takeaway. Daddy comes back by 8pm tired from long standing on the jam packed MRT. Weekends at home as mummy gives the home a quick clean and the laundry done. Outing is to the supermarket as daddy stocks up on diapers and baby food. Mummy has taken only one month maternity leave and to use the other month's leave sparingly to attend to any fever, sniffs and cough.


stay-at-home mum said...

Thank God for grandparents!!

Iml said...

Indeed. In times of need, Childcare, maids and nanny can never fully replace a grandma.