Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mincing words

Friendship is about lending a listening ear, an understanding nature, a leaning shoulder , a sensitive nature and an honest opnion. Honesty does not mean direct and rude. Friend announced, love me or hate me, but this is who I am. Direct and honest. No mincing with words.
I wonder, will this garner more friends? I beg to differ.
If not for diplomacy and the skilful tact of putting forth advise and opnions, the human race might not have survived this long.


Las montañas said...

I think more so than the skillful art of communication, what lies underneath must be a heart of gold, understanding and ever ready to forgive.

Iml said...

L Montanas
Respect is crucial for a friendship to last. Familiarity breeds comtempt. Many a times, we hurt those closest to us knowing that all will be forgiven.