Thursday, July 17, 2008


Does reading the newspaper surpass listening to the radio, watching on the telly and scanning the web? Apart from the dirty fingertips, it's hardcopy to be read again and again. Can doddle on, fold origami with, temporary sunshade, self defense weapon against chasing dogs, smacking the roaches and even absorbent for a spill. Whereas, one has to attune the ear or miss a juicy bit when the eyes distract the ears. Watching the news gives both visual and sound stimulation, therefore a better impact while most would rather read a short summary on the webpage. Besides, one cannot hold the laptop and read at ease the old fashion way!


stay-at-home mum said...

And its great for cleaning glass windows!! My preferred choice for the news!

Iml said...

Not to mention as kacang puteh holder too!

fibrate said...

I'm still every bit the traditional newspaper reader...I like something I can hold :)
The content is another story altogether. Sick of reading about politics :p

Iml said...

Same here. A morning routine. Reading the papers over a cup of tea and a toast.

doc said...

when i was very young & the bucket latrine was the norm, it's also used as toilet paper.

now, we give the old-newspaper-man some business.

Iml said...

I remember making paper mache mask by soaking strips of newpaper in water then using the cornstarch glue paste round and round a blown up balloon. Life is so much fun then. Clean simple creative fun!!!