Saturday, July 21, 2007

Prickly spine

It started with some back discomfort then back tiredness. Then the walking pace slowed down. Sometimes, it was just sheer frustration why others were walking so fast. Then a fall, the back ached and discomfort became more pronounced. Finally unbearable. A trip to the orthopaedic discovered that spinal stenosis, disc prolapsed and pinch nerves. All these contributed to all the agony and pain. What's worse, this has slowly been going on for the last few decades due to bad posture and the lack of exercise on the back muscles. Due to spinal stenosis, certain function of the toe has been lost.
As such, dad has no choice but to go for a TLIF, laminectomy back surgery and laminaplasty back surgery come monday morning.


stay-at-home mum said...

Wishing him a successful surgery and quick recovery. Those big rubber balls,are good for strengthening back muscles. Just sit on them when working on the computer, etc. It helps!

I enjoy your blog - your style of writing is different - very reflective.

iml said...

Crossing our fingers and hope for the best. Won't be 100% recovery of his spinal injury but will halt the spinal stenosis.

You made my day!!!!! Thanks.

FH2o said...

Wishing your dad happy recovery. Trust that all went well.

iml said...

Good of you to come by my blog. He is recovering from his operation. Thank you