Tuesday, July 10, 2007

His life(Part 1)

On the 23rd of March 2006 I lost a friend. A friend whom I never took the time to cheerish. It was after knowing his death, I went through his blog for the 1st time. It was then I realised how much he had gone through. A pocket hercules, he had tremendous motivation to make good of himself. He had such huge capabilities. His earlyl childhood might not have given him a headstart but he never once considered that as a disablity. He fought a hard fight.

An excerpt from his blog. An account of his live. He had meant it to be in 4 parts. Sadly he had never did after part 1.

Early Childhood
adopted child of a poor illiterate family
grew up angry and rebellious in tough a neighborhood
daily showtime were gang fights- long-hair youth throwing
chillie sauce, soya sauce and tomato sauce bottles
from sundry shops
daily activity with mom:-
got whacked for fighting with neighborhood kids
(but they started it - I swear!)
went to school in trishaw could not speak English in Primary school
Pronounced baker as 'barker' (whole class ridiculed me for years with barking!)
threw a chair from a classroom at 3rd floor
at 10 years old (got caned by headmaster for that)
learned to gamble very early and played cards daily with neighbors and adults
never done any homework(nobody check anyway!)
hated people who smoke
liked outdoor -
went trapping in the jungle near granny’s during school holidays
learned survival skills
almost drowned in the pond the first time went swimming
(thought the water was shallow because everyone's head was above the water!
So I just jump right in only to find out
that swimming is all about being able to keep your head above water!)
- lesson learned :
"Never assume, even when everyone is smiling
they are not struggling through their lives!"

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Anonymous said...

very true. looking at the blog reminds me of his younger days and his always smily disposition. :).. a friend loss indeed.

bro ming