Friday, July 27, 2007

His life (part 2)

The continuation of the story of his early childhood taken from his blog.
"Loved pets kept more than 70 white mice, 5 dogs, 6 turtles, 15 rabbits, 1 snake
(poisonous - but I was ignorant)&
countless fighting fish in little jars
bitten by the snake, monkey, centipede, rat, (not all at the same time of course!)
Saddest Childhood memory

lost all my pets in one day.... :-(
mom gave them all away because I was bitten by the snake

the first time I remember myself crying
I never cried even when being beaten up by mom
Most hilarious memory mom chased me with a slipper in her hand
while I held my left index finger in the air with my the other hand
after it was bitten by the snake
(my finger was turning blue black from the poison, or lack of bloodflow?)
it was a hilarious scene,
everytime I remember this,
I just can't help but to smile - my mom does too"

to be continued.......

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