Tuesday, March 31, 2009


March has indeed been one consequential and anxious month. The 1st week saw eldest & family going through an apprehensive waiting game. Waiting for that friday for the release of her much awaited result. Then, for the next 2 weeks, frantically going through the pages, calls and webs checking for information before application begins. Going to the various instituitions to seek and clarify. Just when things seems to be looking up, eldest had to be rushed to A&E for an acute appendictis operation. This week, going to the various drop boxes for application submission. The timely visit from mum brought some relief. Visited the hospital again today. This time, dad's regular check up with the nephrologist.


stay-at-home mum said...

Hope you have a more settled April!!

iml said...

Hopefully this april will bring some much needed good news.

Las montañas said...

In a few years, your children will soon be independent! Brought up over the years with loving tender care.

iml said...

ThankQ I am only doing my part as a mother.