Tuesday, March 17, 2009


There people who loves sampling food then politely smile compliment and walk away. Then there are people who would sample the food, politely ask a few questions, then leave, armed with a packet or three. I fall into latter. So it's quite impossible to visit the supermarket at the basement of Isetan@ Shaw Centre without walking off with more than intended to purchase. At anytime of the week, it's teeming with some japanese food fair with fresh fruits, savoury seafood, japanese snacks all directly flown from japan. Complete with japanese personnel manning and local sale ladies, encouraging everyone to sample. The seasalt sundried sardines were heavenly and healthy, but at S$19 for a pack of 7? I had to drag youngest away. The very refreshing sweet lemon at S$5.40 for one? I bought the kumquat at S$11.50 for a pack of 12! The lady serving me was just so enthuasiatic even though I had hesitation written all over me. Asking me to try try try the assortment of all the fresh fresh fruits. I just could not walk away without buying after I had eaten slices of lemons, kumquats and pomelos on her encouragement.


Las montañas said...

should try the apples; then walk away with a S$35 pack of 4 super sized fuji apples!

iml said...

Yes, I did. NTUC@Thomson. I took a toothpick, tried,looked at the price from the corner of my eye, then politely smile, quickly walk away saying, I prefer Pacific Rose apples. Excuses, excuses

stay-at-home mum said...

Hmmm, you must be one of those ladies that I always bump into at Isetan. I am like you, always drawn into buying after trying. I love their Hokkaido fair. i always buy the ikura and ramen. I also love the squids and mikan. But I try to cut back now ... trying to cut down on spending.

Must say, thats one of my favourite places to hang out!!

Hope to meet you there the next time!!

iml said...

Yes, the ramen and the squids. Youngest simply loves the deep fried soft shell crab. I enjoy supermarketing there, occasionally. Parking is convenient if you don't mind the spiral drive and tight parking lots.