Thursday, March 05, 2009


A stalk of australian leek, chilli, carrots, radish and mushrooms, it's stew. Stew Roast Pork. With the Sauteed onions the rest of the colourful greens join in till fragrant. Add the chicken stock and simmer. Just as the leek is really soft in goes the roast pork cut in thick cubes and a piece or three of the bone ham. A dash of sweet wine, pepper and salt. 1o min of simmer. Thicken the gravy sprinkle some coriander and it's ready to serve on steaming hot rice. That's what for dinner last night. RachelRay.


stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe.

iml said...

Most welcome. It's the Asian version of sausage stew but only tastier.

Las montañas said...

Can try adding hua tiao or shaoxing wine, and a drop or 2 of sesame oil to bring out even more flavor!

Garnished with chinese coriander... perfect.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi IML, Wow! Holy Smoke! You cooked that?
Women like you are loved by mothers-in laws feed her son well, ha ha.

If not for food, I would have remained bachelor few more years....a girl trapped me with her cooking. She did not play fair...hit me in my tummy, ha ha.

Anymore left of that delicious dish? Ha ha. Lee.

iml said...

Yes, sesame oil does wonder to the dish.

Uncle Lee:
Thank Q for the compliments. I cook for I want to be in control of what my family & I eat. Simple and quick most of the time.