Friday, March 20, 2009


Never mind the bruised thumb and broken thumb nail. Last week's 4 hour lesson organised by the school really taught youngest a few tips on how to bowl. Spend thursday afternoon at the Bowling alley. A first in a long while. Both of us had a gutter start before hitting any pins. Apprehensive but then realised that no one was interested in our scores. We warmed up. A strike each after two games. Next to us was a young family of 5 and a maid. Took two lanes and when the one year old was sleeping the maid joined in the fun. Mother very heavily pregnant still managed a few strikes. Another avenue of wholesome family fun. Will be there again.

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doc said...

it's one of those activities that almost everyone in the family can participate. even pre-schoolers can bowl with lighter balls on gutter-less lanes.

our CG often end up at the alleys when on a nite out.