Saturday, March 28, 2009


A dull stomach pain around 11 am on tues. Eldest thinking it must be her gastric working up, drank a glass of milk. By lunch time she was doubling up but, still swallowed down her lunch. At 2.3opm the GP assured us that eldest was just suffering from a gastroenteritis as she had no other symptoms. No fever. When eldest started doubling up and rolling on the floor in pain, we sought a 2nd opnion. When eldest cried out in pain as Dr Chan gently pressed on the lower right abdomen, he confirmed. Acute appendicitis. Immediately, he wrote a letter and insisted eldest be admitted to the A&E ASAP.
Finally, after waited 2hours for the blood test, a CT scan and 4 hours later, she was finally wheeled into the OT at 5.30 in the morning.
Quite an experience for the family. Eldest, the 1st time being operated on. The excruciating pain left her too weak to protest to all the jabbing needles. Discharged two days later still in pain. Wound pain. Suddently the realisation that even laughing uses the stomach muscles.
What troubled me most was the fact the surgeon took so long to confirm eldest's condition even thought the GP had wrote a letter. At every stage, I had repeated to the Doctors, that she was taking Dhatracin antibiotics. Could that have suppressed the fever?


doc said...

the antibiotic could have suppressed the fever but there are other indications, though not confirmative, that it's an appendicitis - pain over right lower abdomen, total white cell count over 11k; the CT scan is mainly to rule out other causes of the pain, eg. pancreatitis, bowel obstruction.

sometimes, the surgeon may use a laparoscope to have a look into the abdomen, & then proceed with the appendicectomy using the scope.

hope all will be well.

stay-at-home mum said...

Trust that she is now on the road to recovery.

Sometimes having doctor friends help, coz when it happened to my Bro-in-law, he was addmitted and operated on with two hours.

iml said...

I indicated to every doctor who looked into her, the fact that she's on antibiotic that might have suppressed the fever but none of them took it seriously. She is recovering at home. Walking faster today!

ThankQ she is now recovering at home trying very hard Not to laugh sneeze or cough. Groaning that she might not be able to do her split anymore..
Yes, I learnt a valuable lesson. Never go to the A&E without knowing any doctor friend at that hospital. It's Very Very frustrating.

seefei said...

aiyah must be an procrastinating wong loke doctor. boil elder some ling chi and toman soup, helps recovery.

iml said...

Thanks for the recommendation. She is slowly on the road to recovery.