Friday, July 31, 2009

Remember the Bag!

Yes, I too, am guilty. Collecting reusable bags and Forgetting to take them out to be reused. Some well organised mothers have a day/days delicated to supermarketing/knick knack shopping/serious shopping. At supermarket checkout counter, all the R/bags, cooler bags neatly open up to be filled. The rest of us, it's unplan purchases as and when/in a hurry/while waiting. Have been making great effort to sling it out but youngest think it's so auntie with the huge orange coldstorage reusable. Have to admit, in my household, disposable bags are reused one last time as trash bags. And while we are making effort, the H1N1 bug is definately not helping. The amount of disposable dump very day from all the various health institutions is sure defeating this cause.


stay-at-home mum said...

I plan my grocery shopping trips, on the same day every week ... BUT never bring the recyclable bags :(

I love those plastic bags which the supermarts give,as I use them as garbage bags ... and it saves us quite a bit! (ie not having to buy those black garbage bags)

iml said...

Same over here. Frankly the black trash bags are way to big and thin.

doc said...

we are still decades behind the west in terms of conservation. when i was in the UK in the 90s, sainsbury (a supermart chain just like tesco) offered 2p for every plastic bag that's reused at the check-out - it's not much but every little bit helps. our supermarts here just encourage the use of such bags, but being what we are, "no money, no talk".
if they offered 10sen/cents for every bag reused, maybe a lot more people will co-operate.

btw, medical wastes are a different issue altogether. in view of infection, a lot of medical equipment are for single-use only, hence the large amount of waste.