Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Human chemistry

Imparting knowledge to youngsters today is both trying and challenging. The educator must be able to keep the students interested at the same time getting the knowedge throught in the language they understand, all within 20 minutes. That's how long their span of concentration is. However, most important, good rapport between the educator and student.
One student refuse to do homework, all because, she did not like the teacher picking on her. A vicious circle. Another, would try her very best to earn a 20/20 听写 sticker from her favourite teacher.

Youngest has been having a hard time with the chinese tutor as the tutor is going through some personal crisis. There is just no chemistry between the two. I had no choice today but to end the session permanently when she ranted and ranted at youngest all because she had a bad day.


stay-at-home mum said...

Now time to look for another tutor. Good ones are really really hard to come by!! Most do it only for the money.

doc said...

over here, i noticed the good ones are usually the retired teachers/headmasters - i like them stern & uncompromising but the kids don't!!

iml said...

This time, she has to do her best. I have confidence in her. It's like two months to the PSLE.

Agree. I find them more patience and able to handle students better.