Thursday, July 09, 2009


When asked, she politely replied. Should have been done last year. Spent yesterday morning doing the needful. After 45yr mileage, these are the yearly checkup needed to keep this battery/ petrol/ electricity free machine in smooth working condition.
Pap smeara
ultra sounda
Blood testa
Urine testa


Taka from Kyoto said...

The red wine is fit to my body,
It is really good fuel and good medicine for my.
But, it does control my blood pressure.・・・・ha Ha HA・・・
See you! (^^)/

stay-at-home mum said...

yearly?? oops! I skipped the blood and urine test this year. As for the pap smear, there is a new one that can be done once in two years - gynae said no need to do this year coz of that. As for mammos, it depends on risk factor, can be once in two to three years if nothing shows up. But monthly home checks must be done!

Dont forget the visit to the cardiologist for the ECG too!! Once in 5 years if risk factors are low - I think!!

Trust all the results came out good!!

iml said...

Red wine drunk in moderation is good for the body. I do have one every so often.

Guess, she was not aware of the once in 2 yr smear. Have never done an ECG before.