Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Easy Picking

In the papers this week. Most singaporeans are comfortable leaving their bags/ hphones/ wallets on the tables/on or under chairs/supermarket trolleys while they chat/eat/queue/shop. Many a times oblivion to the surroundings. It's easy picking especially by foreign professional pickpockets. Growing up, we were taught & from observation, anything that is of importance Must be kept in one's clutch. At all times. Regardless. Even in the toilet. Be aware of quiet surroundings. Both eldest and son have learnt the painful way. Nonchalantly eldest would leave the purse on the clothes stack while browsing. Son left his hphone on the table to go to the gents. Is this safe place making us complacent?

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stay-at-home mum said...

Once bitten twice shy ... guess they wouldnt do it now. Looks like they have to learn the hard way. My kids are the same, so trusting. Keep telling them but they forget. They have to lose it, and I make them replace it with THEIR OWN money before they will learn.