Friday, July 03, 2009


Argh..... I am a hopeless shopper. Walked from Wisma Atria all the way to Takashimaya and then to Isetan. Nothing. Nothing. Desperately need a pair of shoes. A nice comfortable leather kitten heel court. I found none. Eldest thinks I always end up with stylish ill fitting pair. One that does nothing but tortures the toes till they bleed. When I do find a really comfortable pair, it's worn till it snap/burst/rupture. Then it's the agony of looking for another pair. Husband thinks I should just buy half a dozen when I find one. Then there's no variety. And so my quest continues.


stay-at-home mum said...

If you dont mind paying a little more, Ferragamo shoes are really comfortable and they last a long time!! The only deterent is the price. I also like to buy shoes from Ziegler at Tanglin mall - their imported brands are comfortable and when there's a sale, fairly reasonably priced!

Yan said...

iml, I do what your hubby suggests! Great minds think alike, eh?

SAHM, noted the shoes places down in my blackberry. It's time to stock my shoes. yay!

iml said...

SAHM: ThankQ for the suggestion. I was hoping you might give some advise.

Next time you drop by here, let us know and we can go shoe shopping together.

stay-at-home mum said...

erm .. went by Ziegler yesterday and noticed that they carry more sandals than shoes now.

iml said...

Guess more women prefer comfortable slip in.