Monday, July 20, 2009

Music at the Botanic

SingaporeYouthFestival showcase at the Botanical Garden. Yesterday 4 of the bands from various secondary schools and Junior colleges entertained the joggers and visitors to a rendition ranging from Ponyo/Doreamon to Saturday Night Fever. Youngest and I spent the evening laying on the maps of the botanic garden upon the grassy slope. Next week another 4 schools will be performing. This time I must remember the picnic basket and mat.


stay-at-home mum said...

Gather a few friends along, and I am sure you will all have a great time.

Once when my son was very young,we did one of these. we underestimated the chips we required, and you know what?? My son helped himself to those from the next picnic mat!! Luckily they let him off ... he was only 3 then!

iml said...

LOLLLLL. We brought nothing so youngest was busy running around buying drinks and fries from the eatery at the entrance. Drove eldest there as she was asked to help out with the performance.
There'll be another concert next week from 5-7pm StJoseph Inst will be performing. You might like to take your children there.

Las montañas said...

Too expensive to let children buy anthing without supervision these days! I'd imagine they may just pop into that expensive cafe and buy blue mountain coffee!

Don't like to go to the botanic garden these days. Just too crowded.

iml said...

LM:We checked the price before purchasing. You will be happy to hear, it's not that crowded last sunday.