Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weekend Exodus

Nobody expected it, but it happened. At 5.40am. As we cruised up the flyover we saw, a head of us, 5 to 6 lanes of headlights for as fars as the eye could see. 2.5km actually. Then the wait began. Crawling towards the Tuas checkpoint. Soon, mothers with children in hand can be seen making quick dash across the Expressway. More started walking around as we approached the Raffles country club. Some walked back with sandwiches and coffee. Finally at 9.45am, Our trip began.


TZ said...

wow! Are all the cars waiting to come into Malaysia?

stay-at-home mum said...

The annual exodus!!

iml said...

Gotta feeling, the car population in spore over the weekend was 2/3 less!

Many non malaysians were also taking a the long weekend trip out of Spore

iml said...
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doc said...

stuck at Tuas for 4 hrs??!!

never thought that would happen in squeaky-clean super-efficient Singapore. i suppose no one expected a crowd at that hour.

Las montañas said...

Next time the exodus gotta start much earlier at unearthly hours like 3 or 4AM!

iml said...

Precisely. Because it's super efficient, every car & passenger were carefully screened.

Great minds think alike.

Taka from kyoto said...

Wow, I guess, it’s not usual.
in case of us, General winter brings a terrible traffic jam in this season on highway sometimes.
So, the color of the highway is changed to white in a moment.
You know, it’s beautiful, but it’s frightening.
See you! (^^)/

seefei said...

my fren started at 330 am from hougang and reached ipoh 10 hours later. no jam at causeway but no so lucky at the NS expressway. Three accidents caused a massive traffic jam.

we are lucky this year as in-laws were visiting and we didnt have to travel.

iml said...

3.30am!! we tried that once. It's was sooo....dark along the NS highway that I felt unsafe. At 110Km/h by the time you spot anything it's too late to brake.