Sunday, January 04, 2009


Endless stream of cars, snaking into the parking lots, empty tables are quickly taken, with even longer queues at the self service counters of the restaurant. Time, 5.45pm, saturday. Wanted to purchase a bathroom cabinet but ended up with more than just fittings and fixtures. Ikea, a store that has all the right Elements to woo the crowd.


stay-at-home mum said...

That's one of my favourite places too! I can just spend hours there browsing at the things I could possibly want. fortunately my self control is strong, so I dont end up buying more than I should.

iml said...

Must remember to leave the purse at Home.

Las montañas said...

If you notice something, it is the quality that one notices in Ikea restaurant.

consistent quality.

good clean cutlery (washed with hot water in dishwasher)

good quality coffee from espresso machines (at affordable price)

standard yet uncommon fare (compared to the endless copycat fare of foodcourts)

iml said...

Yes, agreed. Now I am beginning to wonder how the hawker centres/foodcourt clean their cutlery.