Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In a hurry & a furry the days rush by. Hardly surprising then, thoughts of Friends & Families afar are placed right behind the daily chores. However, touching round the earlobe, MIL comes to mind. Fingering the pendant round the neck, reminds me of mum. Priceless gifts of thoughts. The token should be meaningful if not then, appropriate to the occasion. Giving is not to clear the unused/unwanted/ surplus or unsuitable. Worst still, if it's to clear the conscience,


Yan said...

What wisdom, what reminder! Thanks for it.

That "to clear the conscience" gives me a second thoughts - have I been doing that?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi ImL, Your mom is a never ending song in your heart of comfort, happiness and being. You may sometimes forget the words, but you always remember the tune.

Kong hei fatt choy to you and family. Keep well and best regards, Lee.

iml said...

Press for time, we sometimes make poor judgement.

Uncle Lee:
Thank you for your comment. Your writes are indeed interesting.

seefei said...

Keeping the thought clear and sharp is the hard part, especially with the distractions available 24x7... We had tried, trying and will continue to try, that's living.

Kong Hei Fatt Choy to you and your family. Going back to "kampung" this year?