Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Of late, most have abandon the custom of sending cards and greetings unless it's via the Sms or Email. Two weeks ago, Eldest cousin, residing in Australia, emailed an Invitation address to All. Announcing to cousins, uncles & aunties, of his eldest son's impending wedding come 1st Feb in our hometown. A joyous reason for family gathering. However, dad is not pleased. As the family elder, An invitation at large on email does not constitute a sincere personal invite. If not a stamped card then a call in this case would suffice. Is Electronic invites the accepted norm of the Save the Earth Electronic age generation?
Munching nougat matter indeed.


stay-at-home mum said...

In this day and age, the younger ones (and I would like to think I fall into that category) do not mind at all. Besides saving some trees and the earth, I do not have to worry about trying to find the invitation which I have absentmindedly misplaced to double check date time and place. Just log on and there it is (unless my computer crashes again, then I would be truly lost). Its the older generation (of which I am not ;D), that still like the old traditions. But a phone call prior to the email invite would be a nice gesture (IMHO)

iml said...

With all the modern & western influence, we are losing some very basic custom of respect which the elders still strongly advocate.

Yan said...

I still remember last Christmas I designed a nice Christmas Eve program for Church and sent to a centre for printing. A man was there and virtually scolded me being so environmental unfriendly!

This year, we did it on projector!

iml said...

There are some things that are worth holding on for keepsake. Mum complains that we no longer print pictures. She can no longer have the luxury of flipping through the phot albums & reminisces at her own leisure.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hmmm, I also stopped printing photos, and I also miss having an album to flip thru'.