Saturday, January 10, 2009


Awoken at 12.30. It's now 3 in the morning but the eyes are wide and the mind is fresh still. Is this the first sign or is the mind lacks stimulation? This is not good.


stay-at-home mum said...

Maybe its the hormones playing tricks. I awake at 4.30 on most mornings, never mind what time I retire.

doc said...

too much on your mind??

iml said...

Me too! At 5am on most days. That is why I can never undestand how some people have the luxury of sleeping till 11am.

No. Probably, lack of cardio exhaustion.

Yan said...

I used to be so tired that I slept anytime, anywhere!

Now, I still sleep well, but there is a time for sleep.

Like you and SAHM, I am an early bird!

Hope you sleep well over the weekend :)

iml said...

Sleeping later and later these nights. Armed with sudoku and novels. Last resort, a glass of wine.

Las montañas said...

don't take alcohol.. it induces sleepiness but the quality of sleep later on the night is not good.

Go on a regular exercise routine?

iml said...

I'm aware of it. Middle of the night I'll wake up with a very dry mouth.
Been missing my cardio lately.