Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Technically, only technically, this little redDot is in recession, while most businesses are projecting a low demand with slow growth are spring cleaning and cutting back to tie them over this lull period, Orchard Road/Chinatown seems to be abuzzing with busy busy buyers. Was jostling amongst picky ladies picking out the freshest dried sea produces from wholesalers at HongKong Street. Mushrooms, lap cheong, fish maw,scallops for mum's goody bag.


stay-at-home mum said...

According to my informal survey (talking to shopkeepeers, hairdressers, etc) demand is still high. Guess people are not cutting back yet. Probably feel it after the CNY!

I usually buy from the Uncle near Hong Lim centre. Have yet to make a visit yet.A bit late, coz CNY is early!!

iml said...

There are still some mightly rich sporeans around. The wise ones that did not believe in share gambling.
Better start soon if you want to avoid the crowd.

[SK] said...

ooh, no sea cucumber and shark's fin?? hehe :)

iml said...

I still want them to be around for a long long time.