Friday, February 29, 2008

Cookbook Novel

Picked up this interesting book at the library cookbook section. It writes like a novel and reads like a novel. In between the writes, simple everyday recipes, explained.
Japanese food is all about presentation. To feast the eyes and the palate. Taking time to savour every morsel. The secret here lies in eating slowly. To chew slowly where enzyme in the mouth can fully process the food and the stomach time to register before it gets over stuffed. All this happening while the eyes is feasting of the exquisite presentation of the dainty dish.
A refreshing and entertaining new way of presenting a cookbook explained.


stay-at-home mum said...

I saw the book in the book shop and was wondering whether to get it or not.In the end I didnt.Guesss I should be going to the library more, so that it will be easier to make a decision on whether to pick up a book or not.

Iml said...

It's a good idea to first borrow it from the library to decide if it's really worth ownning it. Visit the NLB website and check for the availability of the title, place a booking & pick up at the library of your convenience. It's that easy!

Yan said...


I read the other book by Mireille Guilano "Why French Women Don't Get Fat - The Secret of Eating for Pleasure".

Interesting book too.

You may like to read it here -

Iml said...

Thank you for the information. Most interesting.