Thursday, February 21, 2008


Always the best, the smartest, the brightest, the wealthest are being given the accolade. Have they all forgotten, it's the huge majority of
the ecomony class, that keep the plane flying
the middle class's spending that keep the ecomony going
the blue collar workers that keep the production running
Only with the collaboration with the majority that the best, smartest, brightest, weathiest can make a difference and excel.
MDD was really upset, in a talk....."places will still be available for slow learner to enter after 'O' level"


Constance Chan said...

hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog.. cheers..

doc said...

we deceive ourselves, calling us a caring society when we look down on mediocrity with disdain.

still, we battle on.

stay-at-home mum said...

Honestly, I think all this streaming thing is starting way tooooo early in singapore. As a result some late bloomers lose their self confidence!

Iml said...

Hi! delighted to be acquainted with another penangite!!

I wonder why? If not for the sweepers, the cleaners, the construction workers. Are we this much contented today?

Isn't admission to JC is via 'O' level? And now they are known as the slow learner???