Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Woosh.... and we are back. Back to norm. It has been a wonderful 4 days. Meeting up with uncles, aunties. and cousins. A very crucial time for us to be together as MIL is slowly retreating into a own world. Alzheimer is slowly taking her away from us.
Had a Popiah party at BIL's. My favourite. First, the smooth skin, followed by a leaf of lecttuce, then top with bangkuang, bean sprout, slices of lap cheong, slivers of prawns, a sprinkle of shredded egg omelette. Crab meat would be a delightful addition. Finally a dribble of hoisin sauce and chilli sauce to taste. Rolled up all the delicious and explosion of taste!!
Next, SIL threw a poolside barbecue of everyone's favourite grillable. Freshest from the sea to the land. Conversation gets better with the free flow of wine.
Lunar new year, gives us a time to forgive and move on. As the year passes, we should be wiser and mellow. After all we are only here once.
Looking forward to the next Lunar New Year.


stay-at-home mum said...

Hi iml
Glad you are back!

Yan said...

The popiah party! That brought back some memories of one such party in Singapore. The host is my cousin's friend. I remember it was at Bukit Timah, and the host has a beautiful garden...

We never have "popiah" party here! Hmm... can consider one for a toast to health, right?

Thanks for sharing.

Oh yes, I like the picture!