Saturday, February 23, 2008


Article in Urban of the Straits Times. More and more women are giving up fragrance. Quote"Many people said it bothers them that fragrance has an effect on other people, that they are trying to be considerate by not overcoming others with scent."
"If I am wearing my strawberry lotion and the person next to me is wearing her apricot soap, then together we smell like a fruit salad gone wrong." Unquote
One man's meat is another man' s poison.
Besides, fragrance is creating havoc to the human race sending the wrong
signals with the wrong scent. Had always a whiff of Anis anis on since I got aquainted with this light and floral fragrance in my twenties. Then came marriage and roomate started sneezing every morning just as I fill the room with me scent. The perfume bottles had to be kept away.
It has been a while. Now it's the cool refreshing scent of the soap, body lotion and deodorant that swirls round and round me. Hopefully, my combination of scents is not choking others around me.


stay-at-home mum said...

I am one that cannot take scents of any sort. I will have a sneezing fit if i enter the lift with someone who has overdosed on some scent or perfume! And I will have a runny nose for the rest of the day.

Iml said...

Having the same problem too.