Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Meeting Up

Come tomorrow, the yearly pilgrimage begins. Our yearly get-together with my inlaw's family clan. A night of traditional cuisine, small chats and mandarin oranges. Though many, meeting only once a year, everyone makes an effort to strike up a conversation on "safe" topics. To liven the occasion, 5th uncle would offer each a glass of wine, and continue filling up till the hums turns to loud dins. MIL, not a person of many words, would busy herself all through the day and till late night, baking cakes, Carrot, butter and chocolate cakes. Her satisfaction, is to see all 'Made by Mum' keropok, cookies and cakes being whisk off as it comes off the cooling rack. With families getting smaller and international, this traditional come together may soon be lost in transition.


stay-at-home mum said...

Have a wonderful time catching up with your family!

doc said...

blessed new year. drive carefully!