Monday, February 18, 2008

Week that was

My last week has been spent mostly at waiting rooms and cafeteria. Observing the nurses, doctors and patients. At peak hours, before 8am, busiest and most effiicient must be the coffee makers. They listen to all the combinations of a simple cuppa of tea/coffee/yinyan(mixed). Thick/thin, carnation/evaporated, sugar/no sugar, hot/iced. All this while their hands are busy maneuvering the steaming cups and boiling pots.
With the consultation of the nephrologist at sgh, dad now add one more appointment card to his growing pile. At point blank , dad was warned within 6 months if nothing is done, he would be on the dialysis. Immediately medications were prescribed and once again the dos and dont's were reminded. Back home, a nephrologist was consulted for the last one year, but the nephrologist there has been opting a wait and see attitude, as he believed that nothing can be done.
Will be seeing alot more of dad now, but wish it was for a better reason.


doc said...

there is life after dialysis - but you really don't want to go down that path.

all the best!

Iml said...

The thought of being hooked up on the dialysis for hours does gives the shivers. He is now on Losartan