Sunday, August 30, 2009

Forever young

In the eye of some parents, the child is forever the little mischievous 6 year old. And when child is in late teens and dad still makes comments like, don't jump on the sofa, dad has not been growing up with the child. Dad has not been observing and dad has not been spending time with the child. Dad has been too preoccupied to notice the transformation of child to young adult.


stay-at-home mum said...

But young adult still jumping on the sofa?? Maybe dad is right. Teen is still a child!!

Anonymous said...

I am still 19 though, even though I may look 30 (",) with a health age of 40.

your brother

doc said...

dad is a super-busy high-flying corporate big-wig?

Tan said...
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iml said...

Sometimes, 'catch phrase' just stays in the mind even when the episode is long forgotten.

To stay young in mind and soul and to age gracefully is most ideal.

wish that was the case.