Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Runaway

When a four legged shell pet escape, the first thing to do is watch your steps. Next, look into every crevasses, nooks & crannies of flower pots, just to be sure it's not trapped and waiting to be rescued. Failing all these steps, take a break. Do nothing.
Spent the whole evening searching for youngest 3 week old tortoise when it was discovered missing. After much assurance that she won't get nightmares, she when to bed. The rest of us would peer into the balcony once a while hoping. This morning it appeared right in the open. On the rack where it's home is. After a night of adventure, it must be tired, thirsty and hungry.


stay-at-home mum said...

Like they say, there's no place like home!!So it decided to get back home!

iml said...

Later that evening it ran away for good. Have yet to recover the shell. Eldest thinks it's been airlifted and eaten by a bird!!!!
So much for youngset 1st pet. NO More.

iml said...

Just as I entered my comment got up walked to the balcony, I spotted the little runaway. After 5days in the open, I dread to pick something dead. Only when it's limbs moved did I picked it up.
So now you know, tortoise can survive aleast 5 days without food or water.

Yik Ming said...

The last time my four legged pet escape, it tried to be Michaelangelo ( Turtle Ninja) and flow down 19floors. Had to find him and he did not survive the fall. It was with us for almost 3yrs plus. Sad day.