Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Some eat, play electronic games while others watching endless serial dramas to keep the mind preoccupied. The last 2 weeks of much waiting and anxiety, had me devouring 2 novels. Something old, a 1952 translated novel by Sakai Tsuboi and something espionage, by David Morrell. Reading an interesting book still does wonders to the mind. Wonder if holding a book and reading will ever be a redundancy especially now with all the latest portable gadgets for viewing.


doc said...


nothing can ever take the place of a beautifully written novel bound in pages that the fingers can thumb through. certainly not e-books!

btw, J Archer's Paths of Glory will be in paperback this month AND 30th anniversary edition of my favourite Kane & Abel will be out in Oct!

e-books? NEVER!!

iml said...

Never able to keep my eyes focus on the screen for long. That is why my writes are usually concise and short. E-book is definately not for me too. Yes, I like the smell of new books(smell of glue?) and the feel of new crisp pages.