Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flowering Road

Flowering trees lining the streets. Very hot days followed by very heavy rain has cause these trees to burst into full bloom. The street, a carpet of pink and white flower. Alas, once trampled upon, it'll quickly decompose giving the poor sweeper a hard time. Soon in a week's time, it's the showering of the twirling seeds. Youngest and I would scoop these winged seeds, on the 2nd floor release and watch how they spin in the wind.


doc said...

trees lining the roads provide shade as well as aesthetic value. i can only think of bkt timah rd, unless things have changed drastically.

iml said...

When time permits or when daugther is here, take a drive around the heartland and you'll find most road lined with trees. My favourite is the ECP from changi.